Monday, November 21, 2011


I was meaning to post this earlier, but here is a look at the new studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Check out their website, its awesome. I really I to get the opportunity to work inside it one day. Seeing this magnificent structure gives me hope that the New Mexico film industry will thrive despite recent threats from the Republican Governor, Susanna Martinez to cut the film incentive. 

I am not one to go on about how you should buy movies & see them in theaters. But I do think it is important to remember that the film industry is just like any industry. It employs thousands of people all across the country, and not just big name actors and directors, but truck drivers, carpenters and boot makers. The impact a film production can have on a small town like Santa Fe is huge. Small business thrive when the massive film crews stay in the cities hotels, eat in the restaurants, and get parking tickets on the city streets. 

A new studio or a new age of filmmaking? The future is bright. 

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