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So, 2013 is shaping up to be a really interesting year for movies. My #1 most anticipated film is Elysium, directed by Neill Blomkamp, starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley. I have a feeling that this could be the sleeper hit of the year, much like District 9 in 2010. According to IMDB the film is...

"Set in the year 2159, where the very wealthy live on a man-made space station while the rest of the population resides on a ruined Earth, a man takes on a mission that could bring equality to the polarized worlds."

I think the disparity between rich and poor is a fascinating subject, and has a lot of relevance in the lives of ordinary people. In the Comic-Con panel, director, producers and actors talked about what role the politics of wealth and poverty played in proving inspiration for the film. This is often a controversial subject, but I think it's something that has to be talked about.

In our current culture, the wealthy tend to consume more and are in a constant battle to separate themselves from the poor. Giant corporations poison the land and water leaving very little for the rest of us. So this dystopic future isn't difficult to imagine.

Some people are initially resistant to movies with heavy social commentary. I think some people figure that the theater is a place of pure entertainment, and not a place where they want to have their beliefs challenged. I think we saw some of that with the controversy surrounding Django Unchained.

I believe that social commentary films are among the best films ever made, but they are often unappreciated in their time.

The Discussion Question: Do you think films are powerful enough to make real changes in society?

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