Originally from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Nicole Davis is a filmmaker, photographer, and blogger with creative roots in narrative storytelling, social justice and education. Nicole has a BA in Moving Image Arts from Santa Fe University of Art and Design and has spent the past 10 years working in collaboration with independent filmmakers and artists from all over the country. Nicole has had her film work screened at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, The Screen in Santa Fe and has been featured collaborator on a variety of creative projects related to media in Santa Fe, Chicago, and Minneapolis. As an educator, Nicole knows first hand the role art can play in transforming lives and the world around us. Having lived and worked in Santa Fe for over eight years, Nicole is committed to facilitating and engaging in cutting edge artistic conversations with all those interested in expanding their creative practice.

Nicole is currently a arts administrator at a non-profit cultural arts organization in New Mexico. 


I've dreamed of being a filmmaker since I was 12 years old. For a long time my interest in film was just a game, something I did because it was fun. My transition into a fully aware filmmaker took many years, many mentors and a lot of stops and starts.  

I particularly enjoy politics, gender and race theory, film history, criticism, camera technique, costuming and production design, topics which are the main focus of this blog. 

My passion for films has informed my other creative and intellectual endeavors. Photography is my second love and I also dabble in painting, writing and graphic design and arts advocacy. 

I consider myself a lifetime student of cinema and the arts.

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