Friday, November 18, 2011

Photographs From Santa Fe


My trip to New Mexico is almost over so I thought I would take this quiet moment to post a few pictures. These images were taken in the historical town of Los Cerrillos Hills, New Mexico, a very tiny town near Madrid, New Mexico. This place is very special to me on many different levels. Firstly, it is a place I discovered on my own while taking a therapeutic drive through the desert. It is a bit off the beaten path and very, very small (only about 20 small homes in the whole town), but it is full of extremely interesting people and lots of history. It was slated to become the capital of New Mexico but was ultimately beaten out by Santa Fe.

This place is also special because I shot several scenes of my senior thesis film there. In the process I got to know many of the local people who are so, incredibly fascinating. They are friendly (if a little wary of random outsiders) and eager to share their stories about their lives, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and the many actors & filmmakers who have come to the town throughout the years. It is not necessarily an easy place to be welcomed into, in fact, the people of Cerrillos Hills are very illusive. However, once they let me (and my film crew) into their club, they were the warmest, most lively group of people I have ever met. They took care of us like we were family during our shoot feeding us, helping us, welcoming us into their homes/property, one of them may have even saved my life.

I know many filmmakers say that after a film is complete they never look back. I have found that this doesn't often work well for me. I am always interested in the past and how it informs my future. I am continuously inspiried by this tiny town and every time I visit I discover something I have never seen before.  I will continue visiting for as long as I seek inspiration.

Specifically, these images are from the Cerrllios Hills graveyard, which has some of the oldest graves I have ever seen, some dating back 200+ years. It is also full of unmarked graves and an unbelievable amount of children and baby graves.  It is, perhaps, a bit creepy, but I don't know a more beautiful place to be laid to rest.

What place continuously inspires you?

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