Monday, February 10, 2014

Cinematography Stills: Winter's Bone


Today I am bringing you the photographic work of Michael McDonough the cinematographer responsible for the beautiful film, Winter's Bone.

Winter's Bone is such a beautiful expression of a slice of American culture that is hidden behind the veil. For those who have any awareness of this country outside of what is presented on television, know that the landscape of this film is strangely familiar, if on the peripheral of our everyday life.

I know people living in abject poverty. I know children who are charged with responsibilities far beyond their years. I know people addicted to meth. I know people who live a lifestyle far outside the regulations of common law. There are parts of the United States, places like the where I live, that seem operate in accordance with their own codes of conduct.

That is what I love about Winter's Bone. I am uninspired by the idyllic portrait of America we're constantly fed. I am uninterested in a country that is portrayed as the land of opportunity, or a place with white picket fences and apple pie in the window. Those of us who live in 'real' America know that our opportunities are limited even if we do work hard. And that is why we love Winter's Bone. It's because we know people like Ree (Jennifer Lawrence) and it is a portrait of the US that is far closer to our everyday realities than what we see on TV.

Winters Bone (2010)

Directed by: Debra Granik

Cinematography: Michael McDonough 


Watch this clip! It is hands down one of the best scenes from the entire film.

Winter's Bone is a very character driven film and so we see lots of theses close ups of the main players. That is what I particularly love about this film. There is a shallow depth of field throughout the film which really emphasizes the unease we feel throughout. Beautiful work. 

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