Thursday, August 4, 2011

CAPTAIN AMERICA REVIEW: I kinda want my money back...

USA 2011

Captain America is not very good, but I can't exactly figure out why. It could have been the tackiness of the Red Skull character, it could have also been the less than spectacular action sequences. I expected a lot more from Captain America, and I am surprised I was as disappointed as I was.

To the films credit, some of the production design was pretty interesting. Some of the scenes felt like the future was melting into the 1940's. Things were distinctly rooted in the WWII era, but the weapons, the architecture and certain aspects of costumes and landscape were high tech, sci-fi. I really enjoyed that aspect of the film because they were not trying to replicate the 40's which can have disastrous consequences. Instead they created an unique filmic atmosphere that fit perfectly within the world presented on screen.

I was slightly impressed with the young, blonde Captain, Mr. Chris Evans. I thought he did a fairly good job. His acting is by no means spectacular, but he is believeable, genuine and he takes the role seriously. Evans suffers greatly from the crappy writing and cringe worthy dialogue. There were a few funny quips, provided by Dr. Abaraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci). However, once his character was killed off, the dialogue took a nose dive. The other chuckle worthy moments were unintentional and came from half-baked special effects and cheesy lines.

The film suffers heavily from mid-grade special effects much like the Green Lantern. The only thing that saved this movie from being as bad as the Green Lantern was Howard Stark, and the other avenger characters. I like how Nick Fury was incorporated into the film, even if it was at the end. The presence of Samuel L. Jackson will give any film a boost in this reviewers opinion.

Final, and most important point. They writers, and director missed some really important opportunities with Captain America's alter ego character. I was not convinced for a second that some small kid who got picked on could have enough will and passion to be Captain America. Steve Rogers (Evans) was believable as the shy, insecure guy, but his motivation for become Captain America was non-existent. Suddenly he's just wearing a blue suit and asking his comrades to call him Captain America. If I was on that base, I would have told Steve Rogers to quit being a diva and put on the same uniform as everyone else.

C- It wasn't the worst superhero movie I've ever seen, but if you haven't seen it just go ahead and skip it.

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