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Trailers For the New Season!

With winter coming to an end and sunshine and warm weather on the horizon, I thought this would be a good time to talk about the highly anticipated films of 2013. Although 2012 film season isn't technically over until the Oscars, I am tired of hearing about Lincoln, Argo and Le Mis and I'm ready to move on.

I think 2013 is going to be an interesting year for movies. We are going to see tons of new installments of beloved fracnhise films, some much anticipated book adaptations, and some new work from some of the best directors.

So here is my list for the 13 films for 2013 list.

I really liked the last Star Trek movie, though I am far from a hardcore Trekki. I have really come to love J.J Abrams. After seeing Super 8 I have been really interested in seeing all of his films. Plus, rumor has it that he will also be directing the first Disney Star Wars movie, so it is important to keep an eye on him. I am not married to original Star Trek story lines so I am completely open to the direction this film will take.

Ok. Now before I begin, I want to say that I fully expect to be horrendously disappointed by this film. But I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised. James Franco has always been a little hit or miss for me. He has does some really good and some really awful films and I have a hard time taking him seriously. But I am willing to set my opinions aside because The Wizard of Oz is a huge part of my life and I am excited to see what an updated interpretation will look like. Plus it will be interesting to see what Sam Rami, with his affinity for horror, does with the material. I find it a bit surprising that Rami is going in this direction, but it also peaks my interest. And I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I am so thankful this film isn't directed by Tim Burton.

Are you surprised to see that Sam Rami is directing this film?

#11: Oblivion

What's not to love about Tom Cruise? While he has certainly lost some of his charm with his long line of crappy films and crazy public antics but I can set that all aside because Oblivion looks amazing. This is an adaptation of the graphic novel by the same name written by Joseph Kosinski. Kosinski wrote the comic, the screenplay and is directing; this movie is his baby. Which is amazing. I expect him to bring a high level of dedication to the film. Also, I don't know if you saw TRON: Legacy, Kosinski's debut, but if you didn't you probably should.

What did you think of TRON? Did it make you want to see more from Josef Kosinski?

I am conflicted by this film. On one hand, I love Johnny Depp, always have. I also love Armie Hammer. Not only is he hot, he has given great performances in The Social Network and J. Edgar. However, the Lone Ranger is directed by Gore Verbinski who has worked with Depp on 6 other features in the past 12 years, including 3 of the 4 Pirates of the Caribbean films. So I expect to see a lot of the same. There has been a little talk about Depp playing Tonto, a character that is viewed by some as personifying negative stereotypes. However, I keep and open mind with this film. It probably wont be great, but that's ok.

Are you excited for the 7th feature film collaboration between Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp?

I am not sure I have to say much about this movie. It's going to be incredible, I have no doubt. It is nearly impossible for Pixar to fail. They have the movies down to a science and are unrivaled in their ability to create beautiful films, with beloved characters that appeal to all audiences, everywhere on the planet.

Monsters Inc. is one of the best Pixar films and has wisely flown under the radar just long enough to get audiences excited for a 2nd installment (which is actually a pre-quel). Pixar is clever. Too clever. Directing his first Pixar feature film is Dan Scanlon, I don't know much about him, but I have very, very high hopes and I know millions of other people do too.

What is your least favorite Pixar movie? Which ones are your favorite? Which one is overrated? Which one is underrate?

(For me it's, Toy story 3, Cars & Finding Nemo, UP, Brave) 

I don't actually know if this is coming out in 2013, and I've had a hard time finding reliable information on it.  This is the best I could do. I have heard that it will be directed by David Fincher which is enough to make it on my list. Fincher is one of my favorite filmmakers and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a classic, the combination of the two has so much potential. I don't know who is going to be in it, and there is a lot still up in the air so I am speaking from a place of pure speculation. I'm excited. You can check out a review I did for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo if you love Fincher as much as I do.

How do you feel about David Fincher's films and which is your favorite? 

Will Ferrel is America's obnoxious but lovable idiot (who is also kind of brilliant). Not everything he does is great, and most of the time he's way over the top, but when he comes out with something we love, we scream for more. Anchorman 2 producers listened to the public and have finally delivered on their promise. We can expect to see many funny actors like Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and Kristen Wigg rounding out the cast, and if they live up to their reputations this film will be a huge comedy success. However, where ever there are inflated expectations there is also soul crushing disappointment.

Anchorman 2, great film or greatest film? Discuss. 

 #6: Iron Man 3

I am a huge fan of the Iron Man movies. I love superhero films, and I love Robert Downey Jr so the third installment of this franchise is something I am looking forward to. What makes me particularly interested in this film is the fact that the franchise is bringing on a new director. The first two Iron Man movies were very successful and surprisingly well crafted. Jon Favreau is a pretty big player in Hollywood and has proven himself as both an actor and director for decades. It will be interesting to see if Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director, Shane Black can surprise us. Unfortunately, characters tend to get a it stale by the third film, and Black has a challenge ahead of him. But I have faith that this film will be awesome, if a bit cheesy. Also, am I the only person who thinks the music in this trailer is incredible?

This is another film that I'm not sure is actually going to come out in 2013. I admit, when the first Kick Ass movie came out, I was resistant to it. Most of that comes from the fact that I'm not a huge fan of Nicholas Cage. However, once I saw it, I fell in love. It was really unexpected with its pulpy themes and violent action. Aaron Johnson, while a working actor for over a decade, sort of came out of no where and he's is actually a pretty good. Kick Ass 2 also stars a personal favorite of mine, Chloe Moretz. She is on my list of rising stars, she's adorable and a badass which is a potent combination. Jim Carrey is also in this film which is an interesting choice. This movie will probably be awesome.

(Sorry, there is no real trailer available yet so we'll have to settle for shitty behind the scenes footage.)

Obviously I had to talk about Emma Watson's new film. As most of you know I love her, she's my favorite. But besides that, The Bling Ring has everything a good story needs, crime, fashion, drugs, young love and fame worship. It is based on real life LA teenagers obsessed with the lifestyle and possessions of the rich and famous. So obsessed they stole roughly $3 million dollars worth of jewelry, clothes and other luxury items from celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom.

I remember this case playing out in the media, the reality show and the horrible Lifetime movie that saturated the media. The whole drama, and the young criminals were fascinating for a few weeks, but unsurprisingly it has all ultimately faded into the archive pages of celebrity gossip websites. But I think the right amount of time has passed and it's the perfect time to make this film.

Sofia Coppla seems to have been heavily influenced by the Vanity Fair article written by Nancy Jo Sales  in 2010. The fact that Coppola is directing has really upped my excitement for this film. To be honest, I haven't always given her the credit she deserves. Coppola is a damn good filmmaker and she makes films that really appeal to me as a human being.  She has proven herself time and time again with gorgeous, complex films and nuanced female characters. I expect a lot of surprises and I'm very interested in her take on the over-indulged teenage mind.

(No trailer available yet so check out an interview Emma Watson did about the film, it's great.)

I'm a Hunger Games fan, so no matter what any one says I'm going to enjoy this film. Jennifer Lawrence is my favorite person in Hollywood right now and I will see any movie she's in. Plus with a cast that includes, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jena Malone, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, Elizabeth Banks and Josh Hutcherson you can't help but wonder.

To be honest, I only enjoyed the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy, the second and third lacked complexity and were poorly written. However, this is one of those stories that you have to see through to the end. The first film was pretty good, though I don't think think Gary Ross wast a great choice for director. Francis Lawrence has signed on for the rest of the franchise so it will be interesting to see what he's got.

(No trailer for this film available yet, so just go ahead and watch 11 minutes of Jennifer Lawrence being adorable.) 

I have loved Lars Von Trier since I was 16 years old. I know that Von Trier is a controversial figure both personally and artistically, but his films are simply amazing. The Five Obstructions is my favorite alternative documentary and Dancer in the Dark is one of those films that I refuse to watch because it ruins the following 48 hours of my life. Not many films effect me on such an emotional level.

Von Trier is a risk taker with a strong point of view. He is the type of director that consistently delivers great work. I know that the big news surrounding the film is the fact that Shia LaBeouf is on a tirade against his Hollywood upbringing and engages in un-simulated sex in the film. But that is really neither here nor there. What is exciting about this film is that it has an amazing cast that includes, Stellan Skarsgard, the beautiful Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Willem Dafoe. I will be interested to read reviews of this film once it comes out, I expect a fierce debate.

(No trailer for this, but I included some pictures.)

#1: Elysium

I think Neill Blomkamp really upped the game with his debut film District 9. It was an incredible achievement and vastly underrated. It remains one of my favorite films of all time. When I heard Blomkamp was coming out with a new film I jumped for joy. Elysium will star Matt Damon and Jodie Foster in sci-fi cultural critique set the year 2159 in which the rich live in luxury space stations and the poor are forced to live in the remnants of a destroyed earth. Sharlto Copley will star aside Damon and Foster.  This could be the breakout film of the year and my #1 film for 2013. 

No Trailer, but you can check out the Elysium Cast panel at Comic Con above, it's really good.

So that's it. Those are the 13 films I am looking forward to seeing this year. I think I got all the big ones. Are there any films you can't believe I didn't include? I know I didn't write about Spike Lee adaptation of Chan-wook Park's Oldboy, but I have a feeling I'll be talking about that film a lot this year, so I'll skip it for now.

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