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I am working on a review for Snow White & the Huntsman, but while you wait, I thought I would post something fun. Here are a few of my most favorite movie moments under 2 minutes. I don't pretend to be a connoisseur of comedic film, but I think everyone has those moments that stick with them forever. Here are a few of my favorites.

Classic moment from Mel Brooks's History of the World Part 1. It gets me every, single time.

Heavy Weights is arguably one of Ben Stiller's best characters. Heavyweights is a classic from my childhood, so this clip nostalgic for me. It was hard to pick just one moment from this film, but I love this quote.

Beerfest is one of my favorite rainy day movies. Not only does it star a home town hero of mine, it is also one of the best films celebrating alcoholism in existence.

I LOVE Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Everything about it appeals to my sensibility. This scene is perfect on so many levels beyond the comedic effect of watching people get slapped in the face.

This is probably insensitive of me, but there is something about watching these porky humans sliding down and squishing on the window that is so satisfying. Wall-E 

Simon Pegg is a personal hero of mine. He is not only a fabulous actor and writer, he is also a genuinely funny person. The over the top gore in this Shaun of the Dead is gruesomely hilarious.

Making his second appearance on this list is Ben Stiller. There's Something About Mary is classic, and this scene is not only cringe worthy, it is also a great comedic moment.

We all know this guy with the guitar, we all hate him and we all wish we had the balls to do exactly what John Blutarsky (Jim Belush) did. Animal House

Tommy Boy is a great film, and Chris Farley is a comedy god. Man, I miss him.

I am sure I will revisit this theme sometime in the future. What are your favorite movie moments?

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