Friday, October 28, 2011

New Project

Like many filmmakers, I have some side interests. I love things that are colorful and expressive and I love to make things with my hands.

I am currently working on a mixed media type painting/craft project. I took a box of 120 crayons and I have started the process of melting them on a piece of black canvas.

No, I am not the first person in the world to think of this idea, but I think I have something that might turn out really cool. Below are a few images I took of the project.

Once it is complete I will upload commercially lit images of it so you can get the full effect.

Sometimes when I find myself feeling uninspired or in a creative rut, I try to go outside of my comfort zone and try something new, even if I don't have a camera in my hand. Right now, I don't always have the time or the resources to make my many film ideas come to life, but I still find different ways to express myself. I feel very empty when I am not working on some type of creative project. So when I began working on this little piece I thought it might be a good way to get my creative juices flowing. Keep following for updates on this project and many more to come. 

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